Looking to sell your condo? Put Chuck and his team in charge of selling your property. Chuck lives in Downtown Grand Rapids and owns the Sales & Leasing office for Grand Rapids Downtown Condos which is located on the main level of River House Condominiums.  Owning a condominium in Downtown Grand Rapids and being a part of the downtown scene gives us the unique advantage above any other reator to represent and SELL downtown properties!  I have assembled a unparalleled team of knowledgeable agents known as “Urban Lifestyle Specialists” that are ready to work with you! 

We are the ONLY dedicated agents in downtown Grand Rapids that specialize in downtown condominiums. If downtown Grand Rapids is where you want to be than look no further! We look forward to working with you! 

A good first step is to plug your address into the handy widget to the right. Within a matter of seconds you’ll receive an intitial value for your home. (Please note that this widget is not specific to your individual value but simply and overall value of recent sales)   For a more detailed analysis, Chuck Gallagher and his team can help you better understand your home’s value, the local market, and even provide you insights into how they can best represent your property. 

List with Chuck Gallagher and your home could be his next   FEATURED PROPERTY.


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